Welcoming students to a safe, accessible, inclusive and supportive environment.  

In yoga we tend to have ideologies of what our final destination should be, but what if you decided that you are enough as you are? That’s where we can foster a sense of home - feeling at home in your body. Yoga can be an avenue of connection to the body, mind and spirit if you'll allow it.  It’s my intent to be attentive and receptive to the needs of my students, while thoughtfully guiding the session towards a greater understanding of oneself. I offer these discoveries through practice of asanas, breath work and meditation while also incorporating strength, rumination, realignment, mindfulness and relaxation. You will integrate, flow, transform and soften. I’m proud to be inclusive for all. Welcoming any experience levels, any ailments or disabilities, ASL and second language communication devices. I have recently stepped away from 6 years in applied behavioral analysis and have significant experience in working specifically with autism, and similarly diverse populations.